Guidelines: Provide details about job opportunities or interviews with specific times to follow up more substantively.

  • Hey, do you have 20 minutes Thursday or Friday afternoon at 2 or 3 to prep for your interview?
  • Happy Friday! Can I give you a call Monday morning with a hot job opportunity I think you’d be perfect for?
  • Interview alert! Driveshaft Unlimited is psyched about you! They’re holding half-hour interviews next Thursday and Friday from 1-5. When’s best for you?
  • Maeve - when is best for a 30-min interview with William, the CEO of Delos? He’s available Mon 2-4 or Tues 1-3.
  • Hey Lucy, We have an opening for a $95/hour RN Travel Nurse job in SF. Do you have 10 minutes to discuss today? - Erich, XYZStaffing
  • Are you available for a happy hour meetup with some of your new coworkers? They are thinking of Thurs or Fri next week.
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