You can use Field Merge Tags to personalize your Message Templates with a contacts first name, last name, etc. There are two ways to do so!

First Option: 

In your Message Templates use the personalization button (+) to reveal the personalized fields options to dynamically add to your messages. Click the field you'd like to use and save the template.

When using the template in a conversation you'll notice that the first name field has dynamically populated. This feature can be very useful when sending Group Broadcast Messages.

Second Option: 

Adding personalization has never been easier! By using the personalization feature, you can add a Contact's details directly into the text.

Whether you are sending a Group Broadcast or creating a Message Template, look for the Personalization option ("+" icon) under the message content area. Here, you'll be able to select which detail about the Contact that you'd like to pull into the message.

Simply make your selection from the list and it will autopopulate into your content.

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