Guidelines: Reach out when you don’t need to ask for anything to build relationships.

Staffing & Recruiting

  • Noticed your new role on LinkedIn and simply wanted to say congrats! Hope you’re having a great day. - Erich, Prestige Worldwide
  • Happy birthday, Wendy! Prestige Worldwide has a special treat coming your way to help you celebrate!
  • Hey, Trisha, how is the new gig going? Shoot me a text or give me a call anytime with an update. Hope you’re settling in nicely!


  • Happy New Year, Lena! Looking forward to another exciting year working with you!
  • Hey Phil, saw in the NYT that you had a record-breaking year. Congratulations! We’re happy to have such successful clients. 
  • Hey, how did your Inbound presentation go? Word on the street is you knocked it out of the park.
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