With Bullhorn's Goals and Quota's feature you, as a Bullhorn admin have a powerful way to make sure your team are hitting their SMS goals on either a weekly or monthly basis.

The first step here is to make sure that you have Outbound SMS as an action you can assign as a goal.

  1. Click on your Bullhorn MenuĀ 
  2. Visit System Settings
  3. Type "note" and filter by that
  4. Scroll down until your find "commentActionList"
  5. Click the arrow to open this.
  6. Add "Outbound SMS" as a note (optionally you can add Inbound SMS as well at this time)
  7. Click "Save Changes" in the upper right

The System Settings Page:

The commentActionList you need to edit:

Once you have completed the addition of Outbound SMS as an option here and saved your changes you can go ahead and set up a Goal for a recruiter:

How the goals look:

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