A virtual number is a ten digit telephone number that TextUs purchases for your Account for texting. We offer virtual numbers to a customer when you do not have a number that we can text enable, if you want a number with a certain area code, or if you are in need of a toll free number. These numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to your phone number.

When and Why You’ll Need A Virtual Number:

The number that you want to use is with a service provider that we cannot text enable. We cannot use mobile numbers because SMS is already enabled through the cell phone carrier. There are a few phone (typically VoIP) providers that are not compatible with the SMS services that TextUs provides. Feel free to reach out and have our team check.

Your users are all over the map. Virtual numbers mean that you can utilize almost any area code. If you have staff working remotely, a virtual number allows them to text from an area code local to where you provide services, helping you maintain a local presence. 

You need a toll free number. We can set up your Account with a virtual toll free number if requested or if your Account has been upgraded with High Volume limitations. Please be aware that toll free numbers do not have MMS capabilities.

Types of Customer Numbers that Require Virtual TextUs Numbers:

  • Numbers that cannot be text enabled because of their provider’s limitations
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Numbers for High Volume Accounts

*Please reach out to our Support team or your Account Executive to verify if we can text enable your number!*

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