TextUs Voice Network Requirements

Below you will find the minimum requirements to ensure your TextUs Voice system works optimally. Please reach out should you have any questions or need any clarification. 

#1. Bandwidth Requirements

 100Kb per call/user (symmetrical)

#2. Internet Service Provider Requirements

 Cable, Fiber, T1/T3, DS1/DS3, OC1/OC3, & EoC are supported.

   *DSL, Satellite, 3G/4G are not supported.

#3. Network Hardware Requirements (Office Environments)

Network Edge device must support Quality of Service (QoS) via Packet prioritization or VLANs w/ dedicated bandwidth.  If your network edge device does not support QoS more sophisticated hardware must be purchased.  

   *TextUs can provide a QoS device called a Session Border Controller (SBC) for a one time charge.

#4. Browser Requirements for Softphone

Google Chrome is supported

   *Firefox & IE/Edge are not supported

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