The following document walks through the process once you sign a new Voice contract. 

#1 Implementation Timeline

Signed contract - You will receive a contract for your TextUs Voice services.  Once we receive them back from you will will get started on building your new phone system.

#2 Bill Copy & LOA

Once these are received it can take up to 3 weeks for numbers to go live on the new system.

During that time we will program any hard phones/softphone and get the users built in the system

#3 Implementation doc

To be filled out by customer and reviewed before go live date to ensure that the new phone system is programmed correctly.

#4 Training

You will receive ample training on the Voice and Texting apps a day or two before your go live date.

#5 Go live date

Once we receive a date confirmation for porting your number(s) we will coordinate with you so you have a smooth transition.  You can expect to have a roughly 30 min down time while your number(s) are moved over the the new system.

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