My calls break up when I'm downloading files on my PC.  What's the best way to correct this?

There are ways to correct this depending on several factors, including your available bandwidth, (both the upload and download).  If this problem persists more sophisticated network equipment may need to be installed.  Please contact

Our small office uses VoIP lines and at sometimes our call quality is bad.  We have been unsuccessful in correcting it; what else can be suggested?

If after trying the suggestions that have been made for checking your LAN network, bandwidth and connection reliability, enabling QoS on your router and you still experience break-up then you might consider a better more robust router that can handle SIP and QoS well.

I am on the phone and then I hear dead spots, the call quality sounds choppy.What can be causing this?

This is most likely a bandwidth issue.Check both your upload and download bandwidth.Turn off any computers that may be running an application that is using too much of the available bandwidth.

Up until recently my VoIP calls have been good, but now I notice that they are choppy, sometimes drop and are generally not very good quality. 

If you haven’t changed anything on your end, it could be that your ISP is having issues with their network.  You could check for increased latency and packet loss by going to  Give your ISP a call and ask them if anything is going on.

Usually my VoIP calls are fine, but at times they have bad quality and some calls even get dropped.

Having calls routed over the Internet can lead to occasional changes that result in less than ideal quality.  Periods of high latency, either from congested routers or problematic routes, can cause packets to be dropped and dead spots in voice transmission.  If unusually high latency occurs, the entire call could go dead.

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