I pick up the receiver and have no dial tone.  I need to make a call

First, make sure you have an Internet connection.  If you do have a connection to the Internet, but no dial tone, do a complete power cycle, starting with the modem, router and phone/pc.  Power them back in the sequence, modem first, then the router and last the phone/pc, making sure to give the modem some time to reconnect with your internet service provider. 

I have an Internet connection and have done a complete power cycle, but I still do not get a dial tone.

Try to determine the IP address of the phone/pc.  If it is then it is not communicating with your network. Try to reseat and check the Ethernet cable from the phone/pc to the router.  If that does not work try connecting the phone/pc directly to the modem and do a power cycle. 

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