What to expect?

When porting a number, the provider through which you currently have service is referred to as the ‘losing’ carrier while the new provider that you're porting a number to is referred to as the ‘winning’ carrier.

All port requests originate from the ‘winning’ carrier (in this case TextUs). You cannot initiate a port request from the ‘losing’ carrier. Some information related to your current service will be required. 

We'd suggest requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR) from your losing carrier as this will include all the pertinent info you need to provide to TextUs.  If you cannot get a CSR from your current provider a current bill copy will suffice.

Local Porting vs. Toll-Free Porting

TextUs can initiate port requests for US-based local or toll-free numbers. Local ports & Toll-free ports can be requested by contacting our support team with a filled out letter of authorization and a current phone bill copy.

Requests for local ports can take up to 3 weeks to complete with no issues with the information provided. Toll-free ports can take 5-10 business days. In either case, while your number is being ported it will continue to work. Again, an issue with the information initially provided will increase the processing time.

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