Companies have been using email, mobile phones, instant messaging (IM) and video conferencing to accomplish their day-to-day tasks for years. Unfortunately, internet protocol-based phone systems are all too often segregated from this arsenal of tech tools because they are considered to be separate communication avenues. Voice over IP (VoIP) makes it hard to unify these systems, even though doing so would make it easier to communicate.

Enter TextUs.

The TextUs Team wants to unify your communication platforms to make accomplishing your outreach goals an easier task. That's why in October '18, we launched TextUs Voice. Hosted unified communications (UC) – otherwise known as cloud communications and hosted voice – brings all these tools together to promote collaboration, connection, engagement, and communication.

What’s in a name?

UC, hosted voice, cloud communications, cloud telephony -- they all mean the same thing. It sounds jargony, but unified communications is just about simplifying communications. The basic idea is that TextUs Voice integrates your various systems to make communication seamless. 

Why TextUs Voice?

TextUs Voice incorporates SMS, IP telephony, conferencing, soft phones, and presence into a company's workflow- all under one roof. This incorporation is designed to improve productivity while reducing costs. TextUs Voice eliminates the need to seek out several different companies for various communications platforms and instead provides your company with a one-stop-shop for all of your communications solutions. 

Better Communication

Many of the benefits that come from integrating TextUs into your company workflow can be difficult to quantify but easy to observe. The best returns come from overall improved communication. This can be observed through your company's enhanced ability to provide outstanding customer service or through your company's ability to stimulate revenue by having faster access to information that results in closing sales faster and sending out invoices more quickly.

Think about speed. With TextUs, end users gain access to all of their communications tools – SMS, email, calendars, telephony, real time communications, and corporate directory – in a single interface that offers a major productivity boost. Instead of having separate interfaces for checking email, making appointments, placing phone calls, or having instant messaging conversations, all of this can take place in one interface.

Reduced Cost

In addition to the observable benefits of improved communication, there are discernible cost savings that can be much easier to quantify. Simply put, TextUs Voice cuts costs. Our software is able to route internal calls over your data network in order to lower long-distance fees, maintenance costs, and support costs by as much as 25%. In addition, once TextUs Voice is in place, the costs for moving, adding, changing and deleting users goes away.

Flexibility for Employees

Using one interface to accomplish all of your company's communication goals grants your employees the gift of greater flexibility - allowing them to work on-site, at home, or in their local coffee shop when necessary. For example, an employee can use our Voice system to be just as productive at home, in a hotel room, or in the office because their work phone number isn't confined to the hard phone that sits on their desk. TextUs Voice makes teleworking manageable, leading to improved employee morale and greater employer flexibility in hiring employees independently of their geographic location.

Faster Decisions

The combination of improved communication and universal access to your work phone results in your company's ability to make faster decisions. TextUs gives you the upper hand in decision-making by eliminating the pesky "phone tag" that exists in much of the business communication that exists today. An employee sitting in the airport or at home can receive calls or engage in instant messaging conversations just as if he or she was at their desk. 

Greener Companies

For those organizations focused on “green” initiatives, TextUs Voice makes it easier for you to accomplish your company's sustainability goals. Our Voice software reduces the number of individual systems and power requirements that a company must support, cuts down on employee travel into the office by allowing them to work remotely more often, and minimizes the amount of floor space in an office by allowing employees to use the “hoteling” concept – i.e., coming into an office location only when necessary.

Compared to standalone solutions, TextUs Voice can provide your organization with a number of important benefits from lower IT labor expenditures to greater employee productivity and faster decision-making. While there are a number of vendors and delivery models that can be used to deploy hosted voice, appliance-based or hosted solutions will typically be the best choice for SMBs and SMEs given the relatively high cost per seat for on-premise solutions and the lower deployment and management expertise possessed by many smaller firms.

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