The TextUs Chrome Extension is a great time-saving tool that allows you to pull names directly from your CRM or ATS into TextUs. This article will review the complete functionalities of each tab on the TextUs Chrome Extension and how you can utilize this tool with your software! If you have not installed the Chrome Extension yet, you can find instructions on how to do so here.

Using the "Phone #'s on Page" Tab to add phone numbers and send Individual Messages and Group Broadcasts

With the TextUs Chrome Extension, you can either pull a list of names and phone numbers into TextUs, or pull in one contact at a time. First, open a tearsheet in your CRM that includes the client's name and phone number. Next, click on the green TextUs Bubble on the right side of your screen. This should automatically open a list of every phone number that TextUs can find on the page. 

If it does not show this list, simply click on the top tab, "Phone #s on Page." You may have to click on the refresh icon, to the left of "Phone #s on Page," for these numbers to appear.

To add an individual contact into TextUs, click on the green + next to the candidate's name. The + will become a green speech bubble when this name and phone number have become a Contact in TextUs. If you would like to text this contact immediately, click on the speech bubble to the right of their name! This will open an individual contact window with this contact where you can send them a text! 

If you would like to import all of the candidates that are in your list into TextUs, click on the green "Import to Group" button. This will prompt you to either create a new group by typing a new group name, or add these candidates into an existing group by selecting an existing group name. Once you have chosen your group name, click on the green arrow and click the green  "Select Imported Contacts" button. This will add all contacts into your group. You may have to click on this button more than once, if you are adding a lot of contacts to this group. The button will turn gray when there are no contacts left to import. 

After your contacts have been imported into a group, you can send every contact in your group a broadcast message by clicking on the green "Send Group Broadcast" button. This will send every contact in the group the exact same individualized message! You can personalize this message by clicking on the + icon and adding in the contact's first name, last name, or business name. After typing the message content, click on the Orange Calendar icon to schedule the broadcast. This will begin sending to each contact at the date and time listed above your message content!

If you would like to confirm that your message has sent, click on the "Scheduled Messages" tab. This will show you the time that your messages are scheduled to be delivered and the duration that your messages will be sending.

Using the "Conversations" Tab

You can find all of your current conversations on the "Conversations" tab. On this tab, you can use our filters to sort your conversations by "Flagged," "Unread," "Unanswered," and "Notes." Click on a conversation to send a text to this contact. You can choose to add emojis or photos to your text! You can also send this contact a saved template or schedule your message to send later using the buttons underneath your message content. 

Using the "Contacts" Tab

With the "Contacts" tab, you can view all contacts that you have already imported into TextUs. You can filter your contacts by "Landlines," "Textable," "Flagged," and "Notes." You can also use the "Batch Actions" feature to add multiple contacts to a group or delete multiple contacts. Clicking on a contact's name will allow you to text this contact. 

Using the "Groups" Tab 

The "Groups" tab will show you all of the Groups that you have created. Clicking on a group name will show you all of the contacts in that Group. To send this group a broadcast message, click on the "Send Group Broadcast" button. You can also choose to delete contacts from the group by clicking on the trashcan icon to the right of their name. 

Using the "Broadcasts" Tab

The "Broadcasts" tab will show you a list of all Broadcasts messages that you have sent. Clicking on one of these messages will show you the message's full content and the date and time that it was sent.  

Using the "Scheduled Messages" Tab

The "Scheduled Messages" tab will show you a calendar view of the broadcast messages that you currently have scheduled. You can view the individual messages that you have scheduled by clicking on the speech bubble icon beneath "Scheduled Messages." You can also change the date that you would like to view by clicking on the dropdown menu. You can see how many broadcast messages you have sent at the bottom of the column.

Using the "Message Templates" Tab

On the "Message Templates" tab, you can create new templates to send to your contacts, edit existing templates, or delete irrelevant templates. 

At the bottom of the Chrome Extension, you can click on the ? if you need to contact the TextUs support team. You can also click on the TextUs Icon to be redirected to the TextUs Web Application. 

For specific examples of how the TextUs Chrome Extension can be used with one of our supported CRMs, please check out our Quick Start Training Guides

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