First you will need to login to the Admin Portal (

Once that is done click on the icon that looks like square with 9 boxes:

After you click on it select the CDR Analysis icon (Please note that your location of the app may be different):

 Once you have it opened up you will be presented with a dashboard of the overall calls that have been made. You can select: Today, This week, This month, or select a date range of your choice:

You can also change the timezone, however it should automatically default to your specific timezone.

Another feature you can do is view calls on a per user basis by selecting the Per User at the top next to the Overall Tab:

Once you select Per User, you will be presented with a list of the users within your company:

You can also search for a specific person as well. Please note that if you are not seeing all the users you will have to scroll to the bottom and either select the next page or change the Show Entries to 100 by default it will show the first 10 users alphabetically:

 Once you select a user you will have the same function as the overall dashboard by selecting the date range.

The graphs shown will show a percentage to the left of the amount of inbound vs. outbound calls:

The bar graph shows the amount of calls during each hour. If you mouse over the columns you will see the number of calls during that time period:

You can also look at the logs by selecting the logs link right next to the dashboard link:

Here you will see who called who, the Duration and the Hangup Cause. If you look under Actions and click this symbol: 

You will see the call flow. In this example you see that Daniel called Trevor and see how Trevor answered the call. 

The From means who was the caller and the To means who was called.

You can download this to a CSV file by clicking download:

The download is a more raw form of what is displayed. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Support team(

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