General Troubleshooting Tips

Please follow these steps if you are experiencing an issue with the TextUs Mobile app: 

1.) Uninstall and reinstall the application from your phone

2.) Ensure that you are on the most recent operating system available for your phone. The TextUs Mobile App only works on the most recent iOS and Android softwares. You can check for a software update in your phone's settings.

Invalid Password Error

If you are receiving an invalid password error when trying to sign into the TextUs mobile app, please follow these instructions: 

1.) Confirm that you are using the correct password. If you do not remember your password, you can request a password reset link here:

2.) If you are still receiving this error after entering the correct password, please uninstall and reinstall the mobile application

3.) If you are still receiving this error after resetting your password and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, please make sure you are on the most recent version of your phone's operating system. To do so, please ensure that there are no software updates available in your phone's system preferences. 

If you have any persistent TextUs Mobile App issues that were not solved by these troubleshooting tips, please reach out to the TextUs Support Team! 

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