To schedule and send a Group Broadcast Message, follow these steps!

1. Click on the “Groups” icon on the left side bar.

2. Select an existing group. If you need to create a new group or add contacts to a group, follow the steps outlined here.

3. After you've added all of the Contacts you want to send the message to, click “Send Group Broadcast”.

4. Type your content in the message field or add a template that you've created. Choose the date and time that you’d like to send your Broadcast. Click on the orange calendar icon to schedule the Broadcast to send!

5. Once you've successfully scheduled your Broadcast, it will appear in the "Scheduled Messages" tab.

All Group Broadcasts must be scheduled and the date/time picker will always show the next available time to send a Broadcast. Broadcasts send at a rate of 50 messages per hour and a group of 100 Contacts will occupy a 2 hour block of time.

Please note that phone providers use spam filtering for SMS messaging traffic so you’ll want to avoid including any of the following in your Broadcasts:

  • Sending the same content over and over again
  • Overuse of special characters
  • Excessive capitalization
  • Phone numbers 
  • URLs or email addresses

Be sure to check out our Best Practices Guide for Sending Broadcast Messages for an extensive list of tips!

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