The unread filter allows you to view unread replies. It also can be utilized to organize your response process after you've sent out a Broadcast message.

It is important to understand that as soon as a received message is clicked on, it will automatically be marked as read. You will no longer see it under the unread filter. Messages cannot be marked as unread after they have been clicked on.

Steps to Follow to Respond to Messages Efficiently

If you’ve just sent out a Broadcast and you’re being flooded with responses that need answers, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Unread” filter shown in the photo above. Once selected, you will see a list of received texts that you have not clicked on or “read” yet. These will most likely be highlighted in red.
  2. From here, simply click on a message and reply to it! Once clicked on, it will not show up under the “Unread” filter anymore, so make sure to reply to it before closing the conversation.
  3. If you have a long list of messages under this filter, keep scrolling down on the list until it will not load any more conversations and the text at the bottom says that it’s showing all messages, such as: “Showing 100 of 100 Conversations” 
  4. Once all messages have been read and the list is empty, click the envelope icon (highlighted in green in the photo above) to view all of your conversations again. 
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