After following the steps to schedule a Broadcast message outlined in the How to Schedule and Send a Group Broadcast article, you may be wondering if you followed the directions correctly, and where you can check if your Broadcast was successfully scheduled or not. 

If you have succeeded, your message will appear on your "Scheduled Messages" tab. The Scheduled Messages tab (shown in the photo directly below) allows you to view all Broadcasts including those that have been scheduled, those that are currently in the process of sending, and those that have been sent out in the past. 

To find the Broadcast message you're looking for, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Scheduled Messages" tab.
  2. Select the date that you scheduled your Broadcast to send out on.
  3. Scroll either up or down to find the time that you scheduled your message for. 
  4. If your Broadcast was successfully scheduled, it will show up as an orange bar starting at the time you scheduled it for. This orange bar will appear either shorter or longer, depending on how many contacts are in the group that you are sending it to. The bar will block out a time-section on the schedule during which the messages will all be delivered to the chosen recipients. 

Please keep in mind that Broadcast messages send at a rate of 50 messages per hour. Therefore, a group of 100 Contacts, for example, will occupy a 2 hour block of time. 

If you follow these steps and are not able to find your Broadcast anywhere on the Scheduled Messages calendar, that means that you did not properly schedule your Broadcast, and you will unfortunately need to schedule it again. 

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