To learn how to create templates, please click here

To include a template in an an individual message, select the contact from your contacts tab and then click the templates icon at the bottom. Select the desired template and then click send! 

To include a template in a broadcast message, select the group you wish to send the broadcast to, and then select the template icon at the bottom.  Select the desired template and then select a date and time to send the template out. Click the orange calendar icon to schedule your group broadcast.  

Bear in mind that templates used in individual messages cannot exceed 420 characters, and templates used in broadcast messages cannot exceed 140 characters.  

Avoid sending the same template in back to back messages and broadcasts, as this may cause your number to get flagged as spam and blocked by the SMS provider.

Additionally, it is best to avoid the following:

Recycled Content - Sending the exact same message in several back to back Broadcasts or consistently over a long period of time.

Special Characters - The overuse of special characters such as $%@&!?.

Excessive Capitalization - Sending messages with words in ALL CAPS.

Phone Numbers -  The number that you are texting from will appear on your contact’s phone when they receive your message. If your TextUs number is different than your office/desk line, calls will be forwarded to you.

URLs or Email Addresses - URLs and email addresses can be sent in individual texts but they should not be included in Broadcast Messages.  

For more information about our best practices, you can read more here.

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