Issue: Notes not logging to Provider record

First, make sure your TextUs account is successfully integrated with HealthcareSource!

In TextUs, go to Settings > Integrations, and make sure that your webhook is entered in the HealthcareSource field. 

If your HealthcareSource webhook is entered, then your inbound and outbound text messages should be logging as Text Conversations in HealthcareSource. 

If you are failing to see texts appear there, there are a few common reasons:

Phone number mismatch

  • The phone number you are texting does not match the cell phone phone number on the Provider’s profile in HealthcareSource.

It hasn’t been long enough

  • Depending on settings set by your administrator, it may take some time to log texts from TextUs.

Your messages aren’t delivering

  • Your messages are not being delivered, or not receiving delivery receipts. Check to make sure your outbound messages have the “Delivered” stamp underneath them! Messages that are “Not Delivered” will not be logged, and Unconfirmed messages (did not receive a delivery receipt at all) will be logged later at the end of the day or week. 
  • If this is the case, please reach out to TextUs Support for assistance!

If none of these reasons are causing the issue, please reach out to HealthcareSource support for assistance with their webhook! They can be reached at .

Issue: Chrome Extension not importing contacts

The Chrome Extension is built to work on the following pages in HealthcareSource:

  • Temp List page
  • Individual Temp page
  • Client Contacts page
  • Query page

If you are on any other page, the Chrome Extension may not read the contacts properly! 

If you are on the right page but the contact’s name is coming through incorrectly, make sure nothing on the page is highlighted and refresh the Chrome Extension to try again.

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