Delivery Receipts

The message underneath your outbound text is called a “Delivery Receipt” or “DLR.” 

A successful Delivery Receipt says “Delivered”:

An unsuccessful Delivery Receipt says “Not Delivered”:

This is a message that we receive from the recipient’s carrier that tells us the status of the message on their side. TextUs will only display the Delivery Receipt below the most recent message in the conversation, if it is an outbound message.

Unconfirmed Messages

"Unconfirmed Messages" are messages that are sent by TextUs but have not received a confirmation of delivery from the recipient’s side. 

“Unconfirmed” messages are successfully sent by TextUs, but an error occurred between our carrier and the recipient’s carrier. 

It is normal to see this happen from time-to-time (1% of all messages), and most of the time Unconfirmed messages are actually delivered to the recipient. You can also check your Unconfirmed message statistics from your Analytics.

If you are seeing a large number of Unconfirmed messages, please reach out to Support with a message example for assistance!

**Please note that messages will typically appear to be unconfirmed for a few seconds before receiving a delivery receipt

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