We’re happy to help assist in the process of requesting to have your number released from SMS through your VoIP provider so that you are able to use your direct line for TextUs. We’ve outlined the steps below, but reach out to the Support team or your Sales Representative if you have any questions. 

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact your direct Account Representative at your phone provider.

Step 2: Inform them that you are using TextUs and that the SMS portion of your number needs to be released from your current provider.

Step 3: Advise that you will still be using your provider for voice but that SMS needs to be released in order for TextUs to provision SMS on the number.

Step 4: If your provider states that SMS has already been disabled, let them know that the SMS portion of the number needs to be technically released, not only disabled in their platform.

Step 5: Let us at TextUs know when the SMS portion of the number has been released so we can SMS enable the number on our end and you can begin using it for TextUs.


  • If your number is on the underlying carrier Bandwidth, you’ll need to request to have your number internally ported by your phone provider to another carrier, such as Level 3 or Inteliquent, along with having SMS released. 
  • Some VoIP providers claim that they cannot release only the SMS portion of a number, so you may need to push back and tell them that providers do so regularly for our customers.
  • A member of our team is happy to jump on a call with you and your provider if you experience any issues or if they have any questions.
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