Sent messages that turn red with "Not Delivered" underneath them signify that the cell phone providers have placed a temporary block on your number. These blocks usually lift anywhere between a few minutes and several hours. When you first see a "Not Delivered" message, a great first step is to wait 15 minutes and then attempt to send the message again. 

The cell phone providers will block a number that they determine is engaging in what is considered spam messaging behavior. Here are a few reasons why you may have been blocked:

  • Use of identical messaging in back to back broadcasts
  • Use of a shortened web link ( or tiny URL)
  • Use of a phone number or too many numbers/dates
  • Use of all caps (ASAP, HOW ARE YOU, THANKS, etc.)
  • Use of special characters ($$, /, @, %, &, etc.)
  • Use of excessive punctuation (..., !!, ???, etc.)

We suggest following up with those Contacts whose messages are showing in red via email or phone call while waiting for the issue to be resolved. You can also flag these messages, which will move them to your flagged list and allow you to keep track of which messages you'll need to respond to later.

If your messages are still not delivering after 24 hours, you may be permanently blocked by the phone carriers. Please reach out to Support if you are experiencing this so we can verify with our SMS Provider and assign you a new phone number.

Please note that TextUs has no control over these blocks and we are not given an ETA on when they will be lifted.

Check our our Best Practices Guide for more messaging dos and don'ts. 

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