We create Groups to send Broadcast messages to. Everybody in the Group gets a private message from you. They never see any other Contact's responses or know they are in a Group.

Steps to Create a Group

1. Click on the Group icon in the left sidebar menu.
2. Click the "+" button and you can then create a group. Your group will need a name and be empty upon creation

There are two options to add people into Groups - one via a spreadsheet upload and one via the Contact list. We will explain both ways below

Steps To Add Contacts into a Group from the Contact List

1. Open your Contact list
2. Select Batch Actions
3. Click Add to Group

4. Select the Group you wish to add the Contacts into

5. Now select the Contacts to add by using the check mark and hit the Green Plus button to add them into the group!

Steps to Add Contacts into your Group via a Spreadsheet

1. In your Group click Upload Contacts to Group.
2. Select your spreadsheet to upload from your computer.
3. Submit your upload.

If you need to refresh your memory on the Spreadsheet requirements there is a pop up and the image below

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