1.) Navigate to your Settings page, select 'Configure Calendar, Email and Text Options’ and click ‘Update Text Message Settings’:

2.) Now, enter the TextUs account’s User Name [your email address] in ‘Your TextUs User Name’ and its API key in ‘Your TextUs’ API Key fields.

The User will also need to enter this into their TextUs account. 

3.) To grab the JobDiva User’s API key and enter the URL into their TextUs account, a User can log in to TextUs and click on the settings option: ‘API.’

Then they can click on the ‘API Key’ tab, followed by clicking on the [Reveal API Key] button.

This is the API Key that the User will enter in order to start texting Candidates.

4.) Next, to enter the URL, click on ‘Integrations,’ located in the left-hand navigation menu.

Click the [JobDiva] toggle.

Copy and then paste the Webhooks URL from the User’s JobDiva window into the ‘JobDiva URL’ field, and then click the green plus sign.

Click [Update].

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