TextUs provides a one-click, customizable auto responder that you can turn on and off throughout the day, or at closing, so that incoming messages don’t go left unanswered.

To create an auto reply, simply click the "+" button on the Auto Replies tab, type your message content, and click "+" to save the reply.

You have the option to send auto replies either when you are offline or even when you are online. To turn on your auto reply, click on the icon that appears next to the reply. A power button icon will appear if your auto replies are set to go out only when you are offline and a check mark will appear if your auto replies will go out even if you are online.

A best practice is to inform your contacts that you are currently unavailable to respond to their message and give the reason they are receiving the message. Please note that if you are on a multi user Account, you should only set an auto reply if no one on your Account will be able to respond to incoming messages.

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