Adding a signature is easy! Simply click on the pencil icon on the left navigation.

To create a new signature hit the plus button at the top on the right. Then you can type your signature in the "Create New Signature" box and hit the green plus button. This will save your new signature. Then, select the check mark next to the signature to enable it.

The check should now be orange - indicating that it's activated. Click again to deactivate. 

Best Practices and Recommendations for Signatures

~Keep it short and Simple. Use just your name and company. This should not look like an email signature. 


  • -Stephanie, TextUs
  • -Abby, TextUs Recruiter

~Don't include phone numbers, addresses or extra information

~For multi-user accounts, keep it generic. The signature is all encompassing for your entire account. Do not add just one persons name.


  • -Thank you, TextUs Team
  • -TextUs Boulder Office
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