Welcome to this Quick Start Guide on getting started using TextUs within Salesforce.

Note: Talent Rover users may benefit from reading this Quick Start Training as well because Talent Rover is built upon SFDC and the functionality is very similar.

To get started you will need to install the TextUs Chrome Extension.

Once you have the TextUs Chrome Extension it will appear in your browser and we'll be using it to send and receive messages.

Texting Individual Leads and Contacts

To get started we'll be learning how to send an individual Lead or Contact in Salesforce a text message. First off you'll need to have a Lead who has a phone number saved on their record. You'll then click on the Chrome Extension as shown below and click the + then Speech bubble icon to send them a text message.

On a Contact page the process is identical:

To learn more about sending individual messages you should review the following articles:

Creating Templates for Messaging

Videos on the Chrome Extension

Texting Groups or Individuals from Lead List or Contact Views

You can also send messages to contacts from the lead list view:

Creating a Group is detailed in the video below:

And again the process is the same within the Contacts area of Salesforce:

Further Learning

Our Conventional Quick Start Guide

Opting out a Contact

Out of the office?

Use TextUs on the go:

Apple App Store

Google Play (Android) App Store

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