TextUs has an Analytics section that all users can access to view the performance of their text messaging.

To access your Analytics, click on the gear icon on the top left hand corner of the web app. 

Then select "Analytics" from the sidebar. 

Messages are displayed in the following categories:

  • Sent - All outbound messages
  • Delivered - Messages sent by TextUs and successfully delivered to the carrier
  • Unconfirmed - Messages sent by TextUs but have not received a confirmation of delivery
  • Bounced - Messages sent by TextUs but not successfully delivered to the carrier
  • Responses - Inbound messages received within 24 hours of an initial outbound message
  • Received All inbound messages

Please note that a response is an inbound message to an outbound message you have sent within 24 hours of the outbound message. A response is also directly in response to an outbound message.

These are charted and your default time frame is always "Last 7 Days".

The bar chart shows you information about users on your TextUs Account. If you are on a multi-user Account, you can see the analytics for messages sent by other users on your Account.

Using the Date Picker

Simply click on the Last 7 Days:

Click your End date first and go backwards!

Be sure to click on one date first and then click again on the second date. Do not "click and drag".

Once the system has updated to reflect the date range (in this case now 28 days) click "Update!"

Please note that if you attempt to go beyond 30 days, the picker will snap to weeks:

Downloading your Data

To download your data, click on the dropdown where is says "Chart" and select "Table". You will then be able to download your data in a .csv file. You can also download user data.

Be sure to check out our article on Utilizing Broadcast Analytics.

If you are an Org Admin, click below!

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