Steps to send a Group Broadcast 

1. Click on the "Groups" icon in the left sidebar, then select your group (or create a new group by clicking the plus button).

2. Send your Group Broadcast clicking Send Group Broadcast

Need to add Contacts to the group first? A detailed article is available here

Steps to Add Contacts into your Group via a Spreadsheet

  1. In your Group click Upload Contacts to Group
  2. Select your spreadsheet to upload from your computer.
  3. Submit your upload.

Once you're ready to send the message, click Send Group Broadcast at the top of the Group details. This will automatically bring you to the area where you can customize your message and send!

Reminder: sending a Broadcast message will send out the message to each of the contacts in the group and create one-on-one conversations with each. When a member of the group responds, their response only comes back to you, not to everyone else in the group!

Also keep in mind the following:

Do not send weblinks of any kind.

Avoid excessive punctuation of characters like !?&$.

Do not use ALL CAPS.

Do not use the @ symbol.

Do not direct people to call another number

Current broadcasts send at 50 messages per hour, so a group of 100 would occupy a block of 2 hours of time.

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