To create a group in your TextUs Web App, first you will want to click on the Groups icon. This appears on the left-hand side of your screen in a vertical list of icons, and looks like a group of three people.

After selecting the Groups icon, to create a new group, click on the small plus sign [+] to the right of the word "Groups." First, you will want to give this group a title.

Once the Group has a title, you will be able to click on a green button on the bottom left of the page labeled "Upload Contacts to Group." This option allows you to upload a spreadsheet containing your contacts, if you would like to upload all of your new Group's contacts at once.

If you'd like to add contacts to your new Group that already exist in your Contact list, after naming your new Group, you can return to the "Contact" tab, and select "Batch Actions." From there, you can select the contacts you'd like to include.

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