Guidelines: Introduce your audience to text touches.

  • Hi Bo, Nick from XYZ Staffing. We’ve added a texting platform as a quick, easy way to keep in touch with travelers. Is texting good for you?
  • Hey Sally, we’ve partnered w/ the staffing-focused texting platform TextUs to bring you quick, confidential texting. Is this the best number to text to?
  • Wesley, Dom from XYZ - we’re wagering you love to text as much as the next guy and we’re excited to announce our recruiters are now just a text away.
  • Hey Teddy! Ask and you shall receive -- text me to your heart’s delight at this number. My response time is pretty impressive 
  • Recruiters! Texting through the TextUs app is now live throughout the company. Feel free to text your supervisor or coworkers for quick communication.
  • Hello Team! We’re excited to announce we’ve paired up with TextUs, the stellar texting platform. Now you can text any sales manager at our business number!
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