We’re happy to help assist in the process for using your RingCentral number for TextUs. We’ve outlined the steps below, but as always, reach out to us at support@textus.com if you have any questions. 

Follow the steps below to opt your RC number out of SMS

Step 1 - Go to: https://service.ringcentral.com/login.asp?p_next_page=RCSupportPortalCreateNewCase#/number

Step 2 - Sign In with your RC Credentials

Step 3 - Under the dropdown for "I need assistance with" choose the following

  • Company Settings
  • Company Numbers
  • Other

Step 4 - Security Level - Medium

Step 5 - Subject Line - Opt out of SMS - LOA Needed


Please opt the following numbers out of SMS and send over completed LOA (include list of numbers). TextUs will now act as Service Providers limited agent for SMS and MMS message orientation through an independent and direct interface.


RingCentral Support will likely call you. If they call or are unsure of what to do tell them to escalate to the Telco Ops group for now

When you receive the ticket back from RingCentral, it should come with an "LOA" (Letter of Authorization). You will then need to send this over to our team so we can get the number updated through our SMS Provider  and get your Accounts created.

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