TextUs has an analytics section that all users can access to view the performance of their text messaging.

It is accessed via the Settings cog and selecting Analytics from the side bar:

Sent refers to all messages your account has sent

Delivered refers to all messages TextUs has received a delivery receipt for that was successful.

Unconfirmed refers to all messages TextUs has NOT received a delivery receipt for.

Bounced refers to all messages TextUs has received a delivery failure notice for.

Responses refers to direct responses to Sent messages.

Received refers to all inbound messages the account has received, whether or not they were in reply to a Sent message.

These are charted as you can see and your default time frame is always "Last 7 days"

The bar chart below shows you information about Users on your TextUs account. If you are a multi-user account this will be important.

Using the Date Picker

Simply click on the Last 7 Days:

Click your End date first and go backwards!

You can see I've clicked once on April 3rd and then I will click again on 7th March. I do not "click and drag" it is two clicks.

Once it has updated to reflect the date range - in this case now 28 days - you can click Update.

If you go beyond 30 days the picker will snap to weeks:

Downloading your data

To download your data you will click on the Chart button and change it to Table. You will then be able to download your data in a .csv file. You can also download user data.

Responses vs Received Messages

TextUs Analytics allow you to see the total number of responses from people you message as well as total number of received messages.

A response is an inbound message to an outbound message you have sent that comes within 24 hours of the outbound message.

A response is also directly in response to an outbound message.

In this example below we have three received messages but only two are counted as responses.

"Yes" and "Great" are in direct response to an outbound message from the Admin User thus they are counted as a "Response" in the TextUs analytics.

However "Ok" is not in response so it counts as a received message, not as a response.

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