As an Org Admin you will see a difference in your Org Analytics compared to regular users.

Organization Admins can see the Analytics for all Accounts in their Organization:

The main dashboard view displays analytics for all of your TextUs accounts across the Organization. It will open by Default in the Chart view of the Last 7 days.

You may be wondering what the different categories of message you see listed mean:

SENT: All outbound messages

DELIVERED: Messages sent by TextUs and successfully delivered to the carrier

UNCONFIRMED Messages sent by TextUs but have not received a confirmation of delivery

BOUNCED Messages sent by TextUs but not successfully delivered to the carrier

RESPONSES Inbound messages received within 24 hours of an initial outbound message

RECEIVED All inbound messages 

Downloading Data from the Table View

To download data you will need to change to the Table View

Selecting Table then gives you two reports to download

The first is all messages sent by your organization. Called "Messages over time"

The 2nd option below when you are on the Organization level will download for each TextUs account you have within the time frame already selected:

Individual Account Analytics

You can Search by Account in the top left for any specific account you wish to see analytics for:

Once you select that account you will be shown just the analytics for that TextUs account.

This screenshot shows how we have selected Abby Craig's account to view:

The default setting is set to be the Chart views - you will see two displayed.

The first shows the messages:

The second chart below shows the number of messages each user on the account has sent:

If you have Multi-User accounts and want to see what each user in the account (or branch) has sent you will need to visit the individual account like before:

Here you will see the same "Messages over Time" but the second Table to download will be for the users in that account:


Broadcasts can only be pulled at the account level and you will click the Messages button to change to that view:

They can be viewed (and downloaded) as a Table:

Or they can be viewed as a Chart:

Changing the Date Range

By default when you enter the Analytics report you will see data for the last seven days.

To change that simply click on the Last 7 Days:

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