Guidelines: Deliver value and introduce yourself.

  • [Text 1] Hi John, this is Erich from Acme. I’m reaching out because I wanted to make sure you saw this post on how to improve your web reach:
  • [Text 2, if no response to Text 1] Realize you’re busy, just wanted to make sure you got my last text. I think this report could help you boost your web traffic:
  • Hey Zamora, came across your website and think this eBook could really help you with prospecting leads:
  • [Text 1] Hi, Ty here from Acme, just shooting you a text because lots of folks are asking about AI lately and thought you might be curious to learn more.
  • [Text 2] Here’s an article on boosting efficiency with a bot:
  • Sam, curious how Acme outperforms Emca? Check out this case study we did with 150 top execs just like you:
  • Tara, this is Erich from Acme. Our look at 2017 CRM trends is live! Thought you might want to look into the future with us.
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