Guidelines: Be friendly, introduce yourself, and use a call-to-action.

  • [Text 1] Lucy, thanks for downloading our benchmarking report! Are you available for 5 mins at 2 or 3 today to discuss the results? -- Erich from TextUs
  • [Text 2, if no response to Text1] Realize you’re busy, wanted to make sure you got my last text about our benchmarking report. Are you free at 12 pm to connect?
  • Gabby - saw on FB that you’re looking for a website designer. Let’s find a few minutes to chat about cutting-edge design options.
  • Babs, your website is enticing but missing a few crucial lead gen pieces. Are you available at 1 or 2 pm Wed or Fri to chat about quick fixes?
  • Hi Raul, saw in Forbes you want to boost annual growth by 30%. We recently helped TRN do just that. Are you available to chat tomorrow at 2 or 3?
  • Your Ted Talk on reporting was amazing. I have an idea on taking your analytics to the next level. What’s the easiest way to get 10 mins on your calendar?
  • Saw you’re active on Snapchat - a few of our customers have been more successful with our new platform. Can I call you in 30 mins to discuss?
  • Julie - loved your recent article on how social media is changing - I’d love to chat about it - are you free Fri. or Thurs. at 2 or 3?
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