Guidelines: Deliver value and introduce yourself.

  • [Text 1] Hi John, Erich from XYZ. I’m reaching out because I wanted to make sure you my email about how to improve your resume!
  • [Text 2, if no response to Text 1] Realize you’re busy, just wanted to make sure you got my last text. I think it could help boost your job-search game
  • Hey Zamora, came across your LinkedIn profile and think this eBook could really help you find the admin position you’re searching for. Visit our site to download!
  • Hi, just shooting you a text because I noticed you were checking out our California jobs. Make sure you check our latest article on TN salaries in cities in Cali.
  • Sam, curious how XYZ Staffing outperforms MNO Pros? Check out our case study we did with 15 UX experts just like you.
  • Tara, this is Erich from XYZ. Our latest holiday suggestions for contingent workers is up and thought it’d help you round out a great year.
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