Guidelines: Use text to touch base with referral leads. Include the name of the person who gave you the referral early in message and make sure to personalize.

  • Hi Ed, it’s Ty from XYZ. Your buddy Meg Nask said you’re looking for a coding gig. Are you free to chat Thurs or Fri morning at 8 or 9?
  • Hey Sadie, Ty from XYZ, a little bird (named Avni) told me you’re in the market for a new staffing company. Are you hoping to start soon?
  • [Text 1] Hi Deva, I’m Erich, a recruiter from XYZ. Dr. Stevensville from Billings Memorial was just singing your praises.
  • [Text 2] I’d love to chat with you for 5 minutes about your career prospects. How is next Wednesday or Thursday at 2 pm?
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